Tips for Hobby Mining and Panning for Gold

While it’s true to say that the prime days of prospecting are behind us, it certainly doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of gold left in the land. In fact, serious prospectors will spend serious money cleaning and excavating land all around the country in search of gold.

But what does that mean for the rest of us? The ones who don’t have a lot of money or heavy machinery and just want to enjoy it as a hobby or a relaxation activity?

If this sounds like you, below are some great tips to get you started on the path to striking gold!

What are you Wearing?

It can be tempting to head into your claimed area or an area you are searching through wearing some jeans and a t-shirt. After all, you’re just searching. Right? Wrong! Looking for the right place to start panning for gold is exhausting work. You’re going to be climbing up hills, making your way up, over, and around large obstacles, potentially moving through water, and all under the beaming sun’s rays!

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Know Your Place

It’s important to know where you are. Literally. For the primary reason that, if you strike it big on somebody else’s claimed land then you can say goodbye to all of the hard work you put in. For this reason, it’s important to be mindful of your GPS position in relations to claimed lands. Your local land management board will be able to help discover the tools available to help you in this regard, via apps for your phone along with GPS tracking software.

A Stream or a River

A shallow stream or river is going to be your best chance to find gold while you’re panning. The steady stream carries heavier gold particles downstream where they can collect in the sand and debris on the waterbed floor.

While there is little that you can do to know if you’re in the right place or not, some people find success in areas where fast moving streams quickly slow down. This is considered to be fruitful because of the way the particles are carried downstream at high speed and then suddenly stopped where they can easily fall and collect on the floor.

How Much to Sort


Once you have found a spot which you are confident has gold, it’s time to get out the pan and start sifting. It’s recommended that you fill your pan to around the ¾ mark. It may seem like a lot of sand or dirt to sift through, however, it’s important to remember that you aren’t going to find gold each time, so the more sand you sift through, the higher your chances of finding gold.

Getting started with gold panning isn’t an activity for everybody, however, alongside the potential for finding gold, panning is also known to be a very good relaxation activity, with many retirees making up the activity to meet people along their paths and potentially strike it rich!